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Robert Tall

Classically trained, Dr. Robert Tall is one of America’s most acclaimed musicians. Using the classical organ as his medium, he applies his composition and arranging skills in a unique approach to an instrument he calls “The Modern Organ.” His music embraces digital technology and becomes remarkably orchestral and expressive. This new approach is quite daring and the results are often quite dazzling! His concerts are said to be "Organ music for people who dislike organ music!"

"It was an evening of delightful music making by a distinguished seasoned organist who has explored the infinite possibilities in this digital age with great success."
American Guild of Organists
Indianapolis Chapter

Dr. Tall is a major force in the development of digital technology in classical organs, both pipe and electronic. As such, he has become one of the foremost authorities in the development and use of MIDI. Combining his composing/arranging/performing skills with the latest technological advances, he brings organ music, especially transcriptions, into the modern era as only a few can do. He is at home on both pipe and electronic organs and uses MIDI to its full advantage whenever available on an instrument. His style is unique, daring, entertaining and totally "out of the box."

More Information

  • Classical Organ Consultant
    • Pipe and digital designs
    • Custom specifications and console layout
    • Expert tonal finishing
  • Professional Musician
    • Concerts
    • Workshops
    • Arranging
    • Recording

Booking Information

  • Virtuoso Concert Artists
    • David Demers, Agent
    • Phone (818) 314-9600

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