Robert Tall - composer - arranger - organist - consultant


Sheet Music Catalog

Rodgers has published three books of arrangements by Robert Tall. Each book contains five pieces “Freely Arranged for the Modern Organ”. There are registration charts for each piece combining both traditional and MIDI sounds. Robert Tall created these books as “learning tools” for how to register a traditional organ equipped with MIDI and play music in “real time.”

5 Adagios

  Savior, Again to Thy Dear Namee
When Thou Art Near
Adagio Cantabile
Solemn Melody

5 Andantes

Ave Maria
Libera Me
Pilgrim's Chorus
Sweet, Sweet Spirit

5 Allegros

  Sketch in Db
Aria con Variazione
Concerto in A Minor
Pomp and Circumstance

The Lord's Prayer

  The Lord's Prayer
By Alfred Hay Malotte
Arranged for the Modern Organ
By Robert Tall

I Am An American

Robert Tall’s arrangement of I Am An American for narrator and modern organ is now available. This arrangement can be heard on Dr. Tall’s latest CD, “Land of Hope and Glory” with David Demers, narrator.